The Disadvantage of Sparkling Water

Sparkling or plan seltzer water is usually a healthy option compared to other beverages such as juices, sodas and sports drinks due to its low to zero content of sugar and calories.

Sparkling water is like a screen name for carbonated water as it contains pressurized carbon dioxide to add bubbles to the water. Studies show that drinking sparkling water, either naturally or artificially carbonated, does not have harmful effects on health.

A study on 2006 reported that drinking colas is associated with decreased bone mineral density. But this effect is not evident in those who consumed other carbonated drinks. The study shows that colas, even with a low pH, are most likely to cause tooth enamel erosion.

However, early this year, a study published by the Journal of American Dental Association reported that the pH found in plain sparkling water is too low to erode the tooth enamel. Some bottled sparkling water have added flavor that contains citric acid, which can be acidic enough to erode tooth enamel. On the other hand, people can add flavor to their sparkling water by adding a sliced lemon or other fruits, which are in a less acidic form.

Nevertheless, the American Dental Association reported that the greatest health drawback of drinking sparkling water is the lack of fluoride, which one can get from fluoridated tap water. Sparkling water makers for home use, such as Soda Stream, have recently gained popularity as they save money and the environment. But the biggest advantage of creating your own sparkling water at home is the fluoride, which is known as an essential nutrient for long-term oral health.

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