The reason for New Zealand’s Growth in the number of Foreign Trusts

Keren Marshall and Geoffrey Cone have been central to Auckland’s foreign trust industry. They have more than a thousand company directorships on the country register. Geoffrey Cone argues that New Zealand is not a tax haven that lacks transparency and inhibits the exchange of information with other institutions and governments. New Zealand was one of the leading countries to be featured by OECD for substantially implementing the gold standard of transparency.

New Zealand has been a leader in tax transparency especially on the requirements it places on trustees and how it handles foreign trusts. The trustees often assist other governments requesting any relevant information. With at least thirty-nine double tax agreements, New Zealand has reduced tax impediments to foreign trade and investment and helped in preventing tax evasion. There are also more than twenty tax information exchange agreements with other countries.

New Zealand has been experiencing growth in the number of foreign trusts as a result of the safe and high-quality jurisdiction, substantial legal infrastructure, and a well-regarded judicial system. The respected New Zealand accountants and trust lawyers have helped in enhancing the country’s reputation among other international taxation experts.

Cone Marshall Limited is a law firm owned that specializes in international trust as well as tax planning. The firm works with global families, their advisors, and assists in establishing New Zealand partnerships, trusts, and companies. In addition, Cone Marshall Limited provides global wealth planning advice.

The firm was founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall who are both alumni of the University of Otago. Cone graduated from the University with an LLB honors before pursuing a graduate diploma in tax and trust law. Karen Marshall, on the other hand, graduated with an LLB from the same university. Cone Marshall Ltd provides its services to private banks, family advisors, attorneys, and institutions outside New Zealand to help them plan for their clients.

Prior to founding Cone Marshall Ltd. Geoffrey Cone worked as Chairman of Partners in one of the leading law firms in Christchurch. He also served in tax and tax advisory practice and commercial litigation. Keren Marshall has also gained experience having worked at one of the large city law firms in London before joining Cone Marshall. She joined Cone Marshall in November 2005 and had served as a principal since 2006.

Today, the firm, whose headquarter is in Auckland, New Zealand, offers full tax, succession, tax, and structuring advice. Cone Marshall Ltd also has a representative office in Switzerland.

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