Butter Coffee – Some Facts Behind the Fad

One of the more popular, and perhaps bizarre, trends in recent times is a phenomenon called butter coffee. This trend has people buzzing about it’s benefits and others recoiling in disgust at the idea of an oily mug of coffee, but what’s the real deal with this combination?

It appears as though the idea is based off of one man’s experience in Tibet, where a creamy cup of yak butter tea rejuvenated him. After he conducted a fair amount of research and experimenting with recipes himself at home, he created Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is made of high quality coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter, and Brain Octane Oil (which is simply distilled from coconut oil).

Some people simply stir in some butter and add MCT oil (which is also derived from coconuts). Straight coconut oil is another popular choice. Some people only add butter, while some add both or just the oil.

Those who drink butter coffee report feeling fuller for a longer period of time and have higher and more consistent energy levels. Some claim that it boosts cognitive skills and acts as a magic potion after a bad night of sleep. A lot of people are concerned about how it will taste, and while it ultimately comes down to preferences, many claim that it tastes great and isn’t as oily as some may assume. You can see a very detailed personal account of trying butter coffee here.

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