Millennial Workers Demand Better Coffee at the Office

American employers who wish to keep their younger staff members happy and motivated should really think about upgrading the coffee offered in their break rooms.

Although Generation X can be credited with having contributed to the rise of Starbucks and giving cafe culture a jumpstart, members of the Millennial Generation are even more interested in gourmet coffee. According to a 2016 research study conducted by the National Coffee Association of the United States, Millennials are truly passionate about gourmet coffee; they easily outspend every previous generation in terms of caffeine consumption, and they are particularly finicky about roasts and blends.

The image of Generation X entrepreneurs and freelancers setting up shop at Starbucks is something that Millennials would like to see in the workplace. Coffee has always been a staple of office culture in the U.S., but the cheap coffee brewed in industrial-sized percolators is not something that Millennials are particularly enthusiastic about.

Traditional employee cafeterias and break rooms provide relaxation and social opportunities for workers; this is something that Millennials wish to integrate throughout the workday. Whereas members of Generation X fled to Starbucks for the purpose of avoiding corporate culture; Millennials want their workplace to resemble Starbucks.

American companies such as retail chain PetSmart understand the values of their Millennial workers and customers; to this effect, the company has installed brewing machines that dispense gourmet coffee and tea. The decor in the space that surrounds the machines evokes the ambiance of a Starbucks cafe. This is what American employers should consider if they wish to retain Millennial talent.

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