DURIAN healthy Custard Dessert pudding recipe of Markus Rothkranz

Durian, is a fruit left over from prehistoric times. it grows in Thailand and Singapore. In Asia it’s known as the king of fruits. You can find it in most Asian stores in the U.S. It’s high in nutrients that are good for insomnia and depression and is an awesome source of protein for muscle building.

The fruit has a reputation for not smelling very nice. Think of the smell as a cross between gym socks and old, smelly eggs. But if you buy them frozen, they don’t quite smell as much. So just leave frozen durians out overnight to thaw. They’re very high in sulfur, which is very good for the skin. Be careful. It can weight up to ten pounds and it’s got spikes on the outside. They’ve been known to fall off of trees and kill people.

If you like custard, pudding, or desserts, this is your fruit. It’s broken into chambers, with little pockets that contain flesh inside. Look for a bubble on the fruit’s skin, then cut along the bubble’s edge. You then just pry open the fruit’s skin, revealing its weird-looking insides, which almost look like an internal organ. Inside the slimy organ is a nut. You can remove the nut, or you can use it. The organ is sweet and has a pudding consistency, so keep paper towels close by. There’s usually fiver chambers in the fruit, so make sure you take out all of them.

Put the flesh into the blender. Pour some coconut water in, along with lemon juice, a bit of vanilla, and some sea salt. Start up the blender. After a few minutes, you’ll have your pudding. Scoop the pudding out of the blender and spread into a bowl. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top (this will help regulate your blood sugar level), along with some pieces of fruit.

Now comes the best part. Consume this great delicacy. This recipe can be found in “Heal Yourself 101,” which contains a plethora of delicious, raw, healthy recipes. Words can hardly begin to do justice to this dessert, a raw, healthy version of pudding.

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