The Brown Agency Supplies Some Of The Freshest Faces In The Business

The Brown Modeling Agency is a world renowned and respected talent agency that has found some of the freshest faces in modeling to date. Their models have access to a multitude of opportunities that many other modeling agencies may not be able to provide. Their models can be seen on some of the most noteworthy runways in the world.

The Brown Agency continues to grow and expand. They have opened a location in Austin, Texas to be able to find new faces in one of the most up and coming cities in the world. There is a whole new scene blooming in Austin and they had the foresight to recognize a huge opportunity. In Austin, there is a whole culture of music and fashion that is being created among the younger crowds. The keen eye of Brown Agency talent scouts has discovered some of the freshest faces in the business currently.

Brown Modeling Agency has some of their models at New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. Brown models have the distinction of being able to work with thousands of world known brands. In fact, Brown models work with some of the biggest names in commercials and print. Products that models represent can range from cars to traditional fashion models. Brown Models are respected for their talent but the Brown Agency also represents up and coming musicians and even stage actors. The Brown Agency is a diverse and capable agency that can open many doors for the individuals that are lucky enough to sign on with them.

If someone is interested in being represented by the Brown Agency they can come to one of their weekly casting calls. There are representative that you can speak with personally in Austin. If you are unable to travel to Austin for a casting call there is the option to submit your portfolio and personal information on their website. They are always looking for new faces to fill the needs of their wide range of clients. There is always a good amount of work for those working with the Brown Agency.

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