Starbucks Introduces a Cocktail

A recent article in Grub Street details a new drink being offered by Starbucks that is a combination of both coffee and beer. The drink is going to be introduced on the evening menu of Starbucks across the U.S. This will mark the first time that the coffee chain has added an alcoholic beverage to its drink menu.


For this new fall concoction, the foam of the IPA that makes up the base of the drink is taken from a brewed espresso. The IPA is brewed by Espresso Cloud and is known for having a strong yet refreshing taste. It also has a hint of orange and vanilla to give it a citrus vibe for the fall and is considered one of the sweeter forms of espresso served by Starbucks. The rest of the espresso is poured into a shot glass that is served with the beer for a perfect pairing. The recommended serving style is to actually pour the shot glass of espresso right into the IPA, but it can also be consumed separately.


This drink certainly offers an alternative to the traditional pumpkin spice latte that so many Starbucks customers have come to associate with fall. Members of the R&D team at Starbucks have spent more than a year in devising the recipe for the drink and are anxious to see it enjoyed at locations across the country. They are hopeful that customers will truly savor the sweet additives to the espresso rather than just throwing it down the hatch.

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