Divine Soul 2 Soul Opens Its Doors

Divine Soul 2 Soul is one of the newest food trucks in the Quad Cities area. It is owned by Phyllis Harris. She is very proud of her cooking and calls it finger-licking good. She has also stated that her food is good for the soul. Phyllis has catered for people in the past and received many positive reviews on her food. She looks forward to serving people at her food truck.


Phyllis and her sister opened the food truck on Friday, August 26, 2016. They plan to set the food truck up every Friday at Mercado on Fifth in Moline, IL. They also plan to participate in Food Truck Fridays. Phyllis also works full-time at the Illinois Department of Human Services. She has stated that she opened the food truck to provide people with flavorful and affordable food. She is not doing it for the money.


Phyllis has stated that she puts a twist on everything that she cooks. She was inspired by her mother, who was also a very good cook. She stated that her mother would cook big meals on Sundays that never seemed to run out. Phyllis would also watch television shows on food network and learn new recipes.


Phyllis stated that her mother was such a good cook that she could make water taste good. Phyllis’s mother died in 2013. Phyllis temporarily lost her passion for cooking. However, she started cooking again after moving to Moline. Phyllis stated that cooking is her dream, and she is going to continue to pursue it.


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