Brown Agency celebrates its enormous success

The Formula One party was filled with and flutes, champagne and neon lights. Everyone gathered for one reason, to celebrate fashion and commercialism in the modeling industry. The whole party was a celebration of the accomplishments experienced by Brown Modeling Agency.

Brown Modeling Agency started as a small modeling agency. It has since grown and is on the path to become one of the most successful model agencies known to date. In the recent launch of their professional division, the company managed to gain popularity than ever before. The Formula One party gave the company a chance for its supporters and talented individuals to enjoy the benefits of hard work.

Brown Agency, a Texas-based modeling agency, is now one of the leading agencies in the Central Texas region. When big company brands such as Toyota, Dell, and Vuitton want professional models, they always look for Brown Agency’s models. Models of the agency frequently appear on top fashion week events and magazines. The recent appearances was at the Austin Fashion Week, the New York Fashion week and Miami Swim Week. Brown Agency is popular for its huge success in the fashion and commercial industry.

Justin Brown is behind the success at Brown Agency. Born in Reno, he grew up in Susanville, Calif. He grew up as a pretty and shy child that played by the rules. As soon as he turned age 18, he went into the modeling business. He moved from one company to the next, learning multiple skills required in the firm. The Brown Agency had its launch in September 2015. The company was formed after merging with Wilhelmina Austin. The company was initially was also one of the most respected model agencies in 2010.

The combination of the two companies resulted in the launch of a company that provides clients with a larger portfolio. It explores talent and greater opportunities for their models across the region. Brown Agency today is a leading model and commercial agency. It provides exposure and an array of options to young and talented individuals.

Walking down a runway, wearing the latest fashion clothing is appealing to almost every girl. They all want to become the next top model. While many girls want would like to start a modeling career, many fail because they do not have the necessary knowledge on the undertaking. Working under a modeling agency such as Brown Agency has proved beneficial to many that want to build their modeling career.

Justin Brown, the president of the modeling agency, has been known to frequently use the motto that they are as good as their talent. The firm continues to provide the best selection and deliverance of top talent in the modeling field. Companies in Austin consistently look for highly talented and professional models like those found in Brown Modeling Agency.

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