Markus Rothkranz on Body Cleansing and Detox

There has never been a statement more true than cleansing the body cannot be done overnight. Detoxing your body is no different than getting rid of any other addiction, and out of all the addictions that could exist, the addiction to food is one of the most dangerous. The only difference between cocaine and sugar is how fast the addiction can kill you.

No matter what diet you follow, your cells are made up of what you eat every day. If you live off processed foods, you are made up of additives, fumes, preservatives, soaps, and sugar. Until you give up these negative, processed foods, you are fighting a never-ending battle with the life you are trying to avoid, a negative one.

Starting Over
Once you decide to start over and begin eating clean foods, you cannot go back. All it takes is one little cheat and your body will become defensive, or restarts the addiction again. This is why people who eat processed, or cooked foods feel tired after a meal. It takes a lot of energy to digest processed foods, and meat products.

The truth is, your body is unable to health if you are ingesting a lot of food. This is because of the amount of energy it requires to digest food, especially meat products. If you are trying to get your body to heal, the best thing you can do is fast for as long as possible to preserve energy and project it into healing your body.

Fasting allows your body to start over from scratch. It is a way to detoxify and health yourself from the inside out. It is also a great way to allow your body to push out toxins and unwanted materials that are dragging you down and preventing you from healing.

There are plenty of cleanses you can use to detoxify and cleanse your body. It is recommended that you only use one type of cleanse at a time, to avoid overloading your system. You can cleanse through enemas, liver and kidney cleanses, and charcoal or bentonite clay cleanses. It is recommended that you combine each type of cleanse with enemas because they do help flush out unwanted materials faster, rather than allowing them to build up in your system, making you miserable.

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