Jason Hope: Futurist of Arizona

Philanthropist Jason HopeA futurist would be defined as a person who takes current global trends and uses them in an attempt to predict the future and advise private and public organizations on things like diverse global trends and emerging market opportunities. Jason Hope, of Scottsdale AZ, operates a business consulting firm that does just this. With an MBA in Business from ASU, this Arizona native has been a very public voice when supporting his passions which include education, disease cures, scientific research and bio technologies.

One of his philanthropic ventures has been his $500,000.00 contribution to the SENS Research Foundation which focuses on the application of regenerative medicine to anti aging. In his press announcement he described the work they do as “essential to the advancement to human medicine and their approach to the overall problem of human aging and its associated diseases is the only way to go..”, saying also that he believes that the advancement of biotechnology is not only important, but it is the future. Peter Thiel, chairman of the Thiel Foundation, remarked that Jason’s bold commitment to defeating aging was the highlight of the event.

Another of Jason’s passions is his belief in the IoT or Internet of Things. Defined as the inter-networking of physical objects such as vehicles, buildings and other items through the use of embedded software that would allow the items to communicate between each other. Jason Hope has written a lot of articles discussing his opinions on the IoT and his belief that this is the best way for the future as inter working networks driving such things as smart grids, smart homes, intelligent vehicles and smart cites would improve quality of life through efficiency and accuracy by allowing objects to be sensed or controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. Jason’s web page can be found here for more information about his thoughts on IoT, the SENS Foundation and about the future.

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