The Amazing Life And Works Of Markus Rothkranz

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Markus Rothkranz was born in Germany in 1962. Unfortunately, his immune system had a weakness, but this was the beginning of how his research would ultimately help people worldwide. Markus relocated to Canada with his parents in 1967. At only nine years old, he received an award for a speech regarding evolution.

His fascination with the idea of utopia in the future was an idea generated by Disney. The New York Times as well as the local news featured a model he built of the Magic Kingdom located inside of Disney World. This was an actual working model and was sized at one-hundred-eighty feet.

By the time Markus reached the age of fifteen, he was making movies that involved stunts with cars and incredible explosions. By sixteen, he won another award for the design in the automotive industry. When he reached seventeen, he became quite interested in theoretical physics and was taking a class in electronics of a very advanced nature. At eighteen, he relocated to Florida and attended Ringling, this was a school specializing in design and art. The first painting he did was in oils and the realism was so intense, people mistook it for a photograph. After that, he taught classes at night and worked for an architectural firm. he built models and designed malls for shopping and courses for golf.

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He relocated to Hollywood when he was twenty-three and started doing both the designs and effects for movies. He worked on Total Recall, Die Hard and more than two-hundred commercials for big name companies like Pepsi and Volkswagen. He even had a hand in Moonwalker by Michael Jackson. By this time, his paintings were in galleries throughout the world and selling well.

When Markus turned thirty, he decided he needed a break from commercialism. Every single thing he owned, he gave away. He lived in the desert after that and took off all his clothes. The next forty days he was in self reflection in the wilderness. He was not recognizable when he returned. What he learned about healing changed his life. The book titled Heal Yourself 101 came out of this time.

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Markus wrote as well as directed his first film in 1994. To The Ends Of Time was a fantasy featuring incredible costumes and amazing battles. The budget for the film was 2.5 million dollars and one of the features was a full philharmonic orchestra. When he was thirty-three, Markus became involved in merchandising with the results being such movies as Jurassic Park and Star Wars.

Markus’s heart was now about the healing of ourselves and our planet. He began specializing in natural healing methods. He made a video for YouTube in 2006 that rose to the top spot throughout the world regarding the benefits of raw foods. When his book released in 2009, his name was already linked with natural health. He has spoken to thousands of individuals all over the world to talk about ways to have a better and healthier life. His second book came out in 2011 and was about anti-aging.

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