The Copa Star Hospital: An Extraordinary Place to Recover

The Copa Star Hospital provides luxurious accommodations to patients. The hospital network initiating this new paradigm is called the D’Or network, and they already own 22 different hospitals in areas around Brazil. The new Copa Star hospital is now one of the most modern buildings in the entire country. Jorge Moll, who is a founding member of the D’Or network, mentioned that the concept of a five-star hospital is new to the people in Rio de Janeiro. The idea of receiving a world-class treatment with all of the luxuries associated with fine hotels and expensive condominiums is still a novelty in the area. The D’Or network is hoping to expand this concept to other areas in Brazil, including São Paulo.


Copa Star Hospital

The idea of a hospital theme is relatively new, and it was created after the World Cup because of a market need for specialized hospital services in Rio de Janeiro. This is an environment that caters to every need of the patient with an emphasis on hospitality and comfort. In addition, the hospital provides staff with advanced technology and resources. The hiring process is exclusive, and the Copa Star is always searching for exceptional talent. Existing hospitals in this area may lose patients to the new facility. Patients are naturally attracted to a hospital that is warm and accommodating. The sterile aesthetic is noticeably absent from the patient’s recovery suite, the lobby and the dining areas.


A Differentiated Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Celebrity patients can enjoy the emphasis on privacy, which is built into the structure of the facility. The entrance and exit areas are carefully designed to protect the movements of patients who are highly visible in the public domain. The hospital’s staff is also trained to meet the unique needs of these patients, and they receive extended training to ensure that every situation is handled properly. These accommodations help to eliminate the need for travel for patients who normally would fly to other countries for high-end treatments. The facility is unusually equipped to handle complex neurological and cardiac conditions, and it has a competitive edge on Brazil’s top hospitals.

Marketing Hospital Copa Star involves reassuring the public that this facility is designed primarily to provide quality healthcare, and the amenities are secondary considerations for patients. The hospital is fully equipped for neurological and cardiac patients. The interior hosts a spacious environment that is constructed of non-porous concrete and sturdy joints. This provides optimal insulation and protection from the elements, and it can now rival Brazil’s notable hospitals, the Albert Einstein and the Sírio-Libanês. The facility also has 59 ICUs, or intensive care units. These are unusually accessible to the outside world through the implementation of various communications technologies that reduce the extreme isolation often experienced by these patients.

Professional Staffing Talent

In addition to spacious suites and comfortable recreational areas, the Copa Star hospital also employs the most dedicated and caring professionals to ensure a quality experience. Over 500 employees work at the facility, and they are highly trained to care for the unique needs of the clientele. For example, the nursing staff undergoes extra training to deal with common situations that apply to the patients of Copa Star. They are also trained to deal with extraordinary circumstances that could arise in Rio de Janeiro. This hospital is also equipped with industry-standard technologies, and the staff can use this infrastructure to provide a higher level of service than similar hospitals in this area.

The Technological Edge at Copa Star

The Copa Star provides world-class healthcare with a focus on service. This amazing facility features a top-tier diagnostic center with MRI machines. The neurosurgery facility is also prepared to handle the most complex and difficult cases. With smart operating rooms and robots, the star surgeons can provide the highest standard of care. This incentivizes patients to stay in Rio de Janeiro instead of flying to another country. The intensive care units, or ICUs, are also treated with an extra touch of care. They have video conferencing technology for patients who are experiencing a lack of social contact because of extended periods of isolation.

The technology innovations at Copa Star also allow patients to control their immediate environment with a specialized application downloaded onto an iPad. The patient can control various aspects of their room including lights and curtains. They can also receive MRI images on the iPad and use it to interact with their physician or other support staff. Technology also plays an important role in maintaining the environment of optimal wellness, and there are cameras broadcasting live footage of the nearby ocean in real time, which helps patients to relax. This imagery also creates the impression of an additional window, and it can help patients who are always indoors to keep track of the cycles of day and night.


Optimizing the Wellness Environment

Every aspect of this luxury hospital is designed to enhance the sense of wellness, health and recovery. An example of the enhanced wellness environment is the modern dining area, which has comfortable seating and an exquisite choice of menu items prepared by a celebrated chef. The main lobby area features artwork from a notable Japanese artist in the same area as a grand piano. This inviting environment encourages visiting in a high-quality setting. The nutritious and healthy cuisine also highlights a differentiating factor in Copa Star. Far from the standard hospital dining experience, patients can savor amazing meals in a warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Patient-Centered Care

The Copa Star is designed primarily to offer patients a unique and satisfying experience after receiving medical treatments, according to the Executive Director of D’Or, Rodrigo Gavina. The hospital chain is looking towards expanding into other cities. With an emphasis on cardiology and neurological treatments, this facility is positioned to be a leader in world-class surgery. The Copa Star meets or exceeds the standards of care provided by other network hospitals, and the added luxury incentivizes patients to come to the Copa Star. Avoiding the sterility of most medical settings can provide psychological reprieve for patients who are already under stress from an existing medical condition. The Copa Star hospital now offers this option to patients in Rio de Janeiro.

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