Thor Halvorssen’s Views on Socialism

Recently, Fox News interviewed activist Thor Halvorssen on his views on socialism. This interview was prompted by the activist’s efforts in reforming the United States to a socialist state. Thor was one of Bernie Sanders’ financial supporters.

Primarily, the interviewer focused on how Halvorssen’s idea of socialism was different from the many cases of socialism across the world, which have resulted in grave human rights violations. The activists responded to the question by giving references to scenarios where socialism was successful. He quoted countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Thor added that when done correctly, socialism separates the powers of the government from the constitutional rights of its subjects. This leads to a just society.

According to Halvorssen, authoritarian governments have misused the system, thus resulting into failed socialistic regimes. This situation has led to many cases of human rights violations in such countries and the end of socialism in some countries. He used the example of Venezuela. The government of the country has contributed to the humanitarian crises by not fixing the cost of goods in the country. Attempts by various activists to correct the system have resulted in imprisonments. Halvorssen’s father and first cousin have been political prisoners in Venezuela. This information was originally mentioned on as provided in this link

Halvorssen also pointed out to the many successful socialistic policies that have been implemented by democratic states. Such successes prove that the biggest problem with socialism has been the authoritarian governments rather than the idea itself.

When asked about his donations to Sander’s campaigns, Halvorssen admitted that he had made such contributions. He hoped that his gesture would help influence the campaign in favor of Sanders as the Democratic front-runner was campaigning using funds from dictatorial regimes. Halvorssen insinuated that if the Democratic front-runner became the president, the dictatorship in the Middle East countries would continue to flourish under the protection of the United States. According to Thor, Sanders was best suited to be the president of the United States.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned human rights activist and film producer. He has been associated with the founding of several non-profit organizations around the world. His most successful organization is the Human Rights Foundation, a New York-based group. Over the years, this organization has been promoting and protecting human rights across the globe. It has achieved this objective by bringing activists and leaders together. Halvorssen has mainly participated in ensuring that human rights violations in closed societies are exposed and solutions are devised to end serious violations such as child slavery.

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