Danilo Diaz Granados talks US citizenship for entrepreneurs


Danilo Diaz Granados has said on Twitter that he is grateful for the many opportunities he’s been given as a US citizen. Through hard work, talent and a puritan work ethic he’s parlayed those opportunities into a stellar career, catapulting him to the top of the Miami finance scene. Granados strongly believes in the US system and the upward mobility that its unique disregard for class allows for all who are willing to work hard. Danilo Diaz Granados believes that the United States currently offers, and will continue to offer, the strongest opportunities of any nation on earth for talented entrepreneurs. Recently he gave a talk in which he explored the various channels through which up-and-coming market movers can gain legal entry into the world’s economic superpower.



Who will Uncle Sam let through the front door?


1) Serious investors – The EB-5 visa is reserved for investors who are moving to a city and are willing to invest at least $1 million dollars in a business venture. If they are moving to a sparsely populated area the minimum investment drops to $500,000.


2) Serious talent – The EB-2(C) visa is granted to those with advanced degrees or virtuosic ability of some sort. The caveat is that whatever the special ability or advanced degree, it must be of high value to the national interest.


3) Investors from an E2 treaty country – If your country is a member of the E2 treaty then you’re in luck. You’ll only need to invest $100,000 rather than $1 million.


4) Exceptional entrepreneurs – The O1 visa is available for prospective immigrants who can demonstrate exceptional acumen in developing businesses or products.  This is vital, and Danilo Diaz Granados stresses as much on Facebook, so pay special attention.


5) Executives and high level management – L1 visas are designated for high level managers and executives who work for firms with offices both abroad and in the United States and who have worked for such a company for at least one year.


6) Employees with special skills – The H1B is granted to employees who have capabilities for which demand is likely to go unfulfilled by native US citizens. These include programmers, doctors and other tech workers with high degrees of expertise.

Read the full story from Danilo Diaz Granados himself in his article Danilo Diaz Granados Habla de “Venir a América” para Emprendedores.

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