Troy McQuagge Scoops the High-profile One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

Troy McQuagge won a gold award for his outstanding job as a CEO of USHEALTH Group. One Planet presented the award. Each year, the institution usually honors executives who have been instrumental in business and professional excellence in their companies. The award is also given to winners from different parts of the world. One Planet nominates candidates from private, public, non-profit and for-profit companies.

As a health insurance company headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX, USHEALTH Group targets diverse clients. The agency’s services target owners of small businesses and self-employed people. The company’s goal is to strive for superior customer service through reliable insurance products. McQuagge oversees USHEALTH’s strategic planning initiatives. He ensures that its agents and employees provide clients with pragmatic solutions.

Why did McQuagge Win the Award?

McQuagge has been working for USHEALTH since 2010. He was instrumental in establishing the company’s distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. After USHEALTH had been established, McQuagge became its CEO and president. Amidst his leadership, the company recorded tremendous profits and was ranked highly in the health insurance sector.

McQuagge was honored to receive the award. He dedicated it to USHEALTH Group’s entire professional team. He also mentioned that the award portrays his company’s commitment to addressing health insurance issues. One Planet Awards was created to applaud institutions that strive for professional excellence. The awards are disseminated in different categories. These include marketing, corporate communications, public relations, and products and services. Institutions that wish to contest for the prestigious accolades are required to register at One Planet’s website.

About Troy A. McQuagge

McQuagge has facilitated the growth of USHEALTH as an executive and a member of the directors’ board. He first served as the agency’s chief marketing officer and vice president. After improving the USHEALTH’s marketing endeavors in his four years role as CMO, he ascended to CEO post. Besides USHEALTH Group, McQuagge is also the chief executive officer and president of Freedom Life Insurance Company. His main task as CEO is to oversee Freedom Life’s managerial matters. He also heads other branches of USHEALTH Group in the same capacity.

McQuagge commenced his insurance career in 1983 as an employee of the Allstate Insurance Company. He interacted with several insurance companies and clients as he worked for the firm. In 1995, he registered as a member of Student Insurance Division. The institution is a subsidiary of the United Insurance Companies. In 1997, UGA, an insurance agency of UICI appointed him as the president. He facilitated an increase in sales at UGA. He was also appointed to head the institution’s sales and marketing strategies after the UICI was acquired and renamed to HealthMartkets. McQuagge is an alumnus of Central Florida University where he majored in a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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