College Students Set Up Coffee Shop

A group of students at Wesley College has opened up a coffee shop in the college center. Phaelaoin Mills is a transfer student who has tried the coffee shop. She stated that it is great. She also likes the fact that she can get a cup of coffee for just $0.50. She said that she will be visiting the coffee shop every day.

The name of the coffee shop is The Midnight Roast. It will be open Sunday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Kenny Ciccoli is one of the founders of the Midnight Roast. He stated that the coffee shop is a place that students can hang out and study. The students will receive a $5,000 stipend every semester from the Student Government Association in order to maintain the coffee shop.

Because the funding is coming from the Student Government Association, all of the proceeds will go to a charity. Every month, the workers will choose a different charity to donate to. Even though it only cost $0.50 for a cup of coffee, students who donate at least one dollar will be entered into a drawing.

The Midnight Roast is also focused on sustainability. All of the cups were donated from the Goodwill. Students can also bring their own mug to the coffee shop. They also use uncooked noodles instead of stirrers. Dr. Angela D’ Antonio is a professor at the university. She stated that the students did all of the work by themselves. She also stated that she is happy that the students were able to work together.

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