Drip Coffee Drinkers Fade As Espresso Gains Ground

Coffee made with the good old drip method has long ruled the world of coffee drinkers, but the trend is rapidly shifting away from drip to espresso and gourmet methods of producing the dark brew.


Research shows that drip-made coffee accounts for only about half of all coffee consumption today.


On the other hand, daily consumption of espresso has tripled in the past eight years, according to a study conducted by the National Coffee Association. The group looked at coffee trends between 2008 and 2016.


Another finding of the study is that selection of gourmet coffee brands grew rapidly from a 13% market share to a robust 36% among young coffee consumers aged 18 to 24.


Consumption of espresso itself bounded forward from 9% to 22% among young drinkers, but also among older folks between the ages of 24 and 39. Older coffee drinkers increased their espresso consumption from 8% to 29%.


Such trends are a big deal to marketers who are eager to keep selling coffee. Younger coffee consumers today are the market of tomorrow, and the industry wants to be poised to react to preferences as they morph into future consumption habits.


Why the drift away from a cup of standard drip-coffee? The reasons are complex, but younger coffee fans seem to be opting for quality over quantity. They would rather spend more on a small cup of brew they can savor rather than guzzle the cheaper stuff in super-sized mugs.


Another factor is the “jolt effect.” A tiny cup of espresso packs a caffeine wallop – like an energy drink – and this has particular mass appeal among a younger demographic.



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