Jack Daniels Offers Whisky-Flavored Coffee

Many people wish that they could start their day with both coffee and whiskey. Jack Daniels is making that dream come true. The company recently released whisky-flavored coffee. It does not have any alcohol in it, but it tastes just like whiskey according to Charlie Newman. He is the owner, president and roast master of World of Coffee.


You can buy it from the official Jack Daniels website, which is jackdaniels.com. You can also purchase it from the General Store and Daniel’s Lynchburg Hardware, which are located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Keep in mind that if you live outside of Lynchburg, then you will have to purchase the whiskey-coffee online because no other stores sell it.


You have the option of buying both regular and decaffeinated coffee. However, it is quite expensive to purchase. It costs $21.95 for a 8.8 ounce tin. Whiskey-flavored coffee is not the only whiskey-flavored product that Jack Daniels sells. The company also sells whiskey-flavored pecans.


Coffee and whiskey have been mixed ever since 1940. Joe Sheridan is credited as being the first person to combine the two. He gave whiskey-coffee to people who had crossed the Atlantic Ocean.


The coffee is made by infusing 100 percent Arabica beans with whiskey. The beans are then roasted to provide a rich flavor. According to the product description, the Tennessee Whiskey can be tasted with every sip.


Charlie stated that the company takes a lot of pride in producing coffee products. He also stated that the whiskey-flavored coffee is no exception.

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