Automated Coffee Machine From Beans

The Bonaverde Berlin is a new product that launched to the market that automatically grinds and brews coffee. The product has been receiving funding from Kickstarter for a few years and they announced that it is nearly finished.


It features a bean roaster on the top, a grinder below it and a brewer that pours into the pot at the bottom. The grinder is made of a high-alloy steel. Prepackage beans will have embedded chips that can be scanned by the machine to give it preparation instructions. The device will be Internet connected to download instructions from the cloud. The machine can also be controlled from their cellphone application.


The company is partnered with a variety of coffee growers to provide beans to their customers. It allows customers that are unskilled in coffee brewing to prepare their own high class coffee. They also aim to keep their supply chain simplified and short to be environmentally efficient. They also pay suppliers generous amounts that is well above Fair Trade minimum prices.


The project was heavily criticized due the number of setbacks that have happened with this project. Many of the earlier supports have also bee discouraged due to the delays of release. The engineering team has had to make technical adjustments to the design in order to make it work.


Bonaverde Berlin has currently been in beta testing and the release seems to becoming closer and closer. They will be rolling out shipments of the pre-ordered machines this spring. 220-voltage machines designed for Europe will be manufactured first before the 100-voltage machines for Americans. The price of the machine will be $850 USD.


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