One Punch Man – Hero to Rescue You From Boredom


Saitama is possibly one of the most popular up-and-coming superheroes, owing a lot to why One Punch Man is already one of the top anime. Originally spawned from an online webcomic parody, Saitama has grown to have his own anime by the same name, One Punch Man.

The seemingly innocuous slacker, Saitama, has a single dream – to find someone who can actually rival him in battle. While the premise may seem simple, the depth of not only Saitama but all of the characters makes the story truly beautiful.

In a dystopia where heroes are ranked from C to S class with monsters pouring in more and more frequently, Saitama takes on an apprentice and fights his way up the ranks. This baldy just can’t meet his match, making him one of the strongest male anime characters.

With a cast of characters that are both well thought out and well voiced, a world that is action packed and full of beauty, and a lead character that you can’t help but love, it’s no wonder that people are wanting more of One Punch Man.

This relatively new anime has had fans chomping at the bits for more, with its highly anticipated second season confirmed for release in 2017.

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