Coffee Shop Helps People Who Are In Need

Curt’s Cafe is located in Evaston, Illinois. It is doing a lot more than just serving delicious coffee to people. It is giving troubled teens and adults a fresh start at life. The restaurant is currently hiring teens and adults. Not only will people have an opportunity to provide a living for themselves, but they will also learn valuable life skills.

Evaston, Illinois is located about 13 miles from Chicago. Crime is becoming more common in Chicago. Many people are looking for ways to curb this. Curt’s Cafe is doing its part to help keep people off of the street and out of trouble.

Crime and poverty are directly linked. Many people who engage in criminal acts struggle to make a living. Many have dropped out of high school, so job opportunities are limited. Charles Pendleton is one of the many people whose life has changed after working at Curt’s Cafe.

He stated that he did not graduate from high school. He also stated that he had trouble talking to people. Charles loves working at Curt’s Cafe. Lanesse Morris is someone else who works at the coffee shop. She has stated that she has a long-term goal of becoming a nurse.

The recidivism is the act of relapsing into criminal behavior. Chicago has a high recidivism rate. Eighty-six percent of the kids who are released from jail eventually go back. However, a job helps people become responsible. It also gives them something to look forward to, which decreases their chances of going back to jail.

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