Getting Away From K-Cups for Regular Ground Coffee: Growing Trend?

You can go into any coffee shop nowadays selling products and you’ll find a range of K-cups that can be used in any pod coffee machine. While this option was massively popular years ago, it is slowly decreasing in its popularity because of the expense and environmental effects. K-cups cost, on average, four times the amount of regular ground coffee. The fact that K-cups are so costly has been forcing some avid coffee drinkers to go back to their old way of making coffee: using grounds and whole beans. The pods of K-cups are also problematic for the environment, as they do not break down easily and stay in landfills for years.

Another problem many people are facing with their K-cup machines is the inability to truly get the equipment clean. Dirty water reservoirs and clogged cup ports are just two of the issues owners face. It’s not uncommon for a K-cup machine owner to have to replace their gadget at least once each year. The fact that these machines aren’t cheap to begin with only makes this issue worse for individuals in the market for a new one.

The delicious aroma and customization of flavor using ground coffee is beneficial for people looking to make the switch. Better quality coffee machines are necessary for achieving a deep, rich cup of your favorite brew. If you’d rather have a fresher taste, get whole coffee beans and grind them yourself fresh each morning. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work to create that amazing cup of Joe, but sticking with K-cups can be a headache and expense you’re not necessarily prepared for when initially buying the gadget. It can be tempting to go with or stay with K-cups because they are virtually all over and highly convenient, but making the switch to the older method of coffee brewing can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

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