World Leaders Keep Getting Hotter


There have been some of the hottest politicians seen throughout history. Presidents and even the Prime Ministers are all starting to look like celebrities. Maybe this is why our current generation is starting to get more into politics again! There is now a lot of vain in politics and this list is all about that. Here is a list of the top 10 most attractive world leaders:


  1. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – David Cameron born October 9, 1966
  2. The Prime Minister of Australia – Malcolm Turnbull, the definition of a “silver fox”
  3. President of Slovenia – Borut Pahor, with the “old hollywood movie star” look
  4. President of Mexico – Enrique Pena Nieto, a handsome leader with a boyish charm
  5. President of Argentina, and the only female to make the list – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, there is nothing hotter than a woman in power
  6. The King of Spain – King Felipe VI, a young and handsome king
  7. Prime Minister of Greece – Alexis Tsipras, one of the sexiest politicians ever
  8. President of Ecuador – Rafael Correa, sexy and smart – it’s a double whammy
  9. The Former President of the United States – Barack Obama, he gets better the older he gets
  10. Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau, by far the hottest world leader


Most of the politicians we see are not only powerful and intelligent but they are also well-spoken and they have a dream of helping their country. This gives them a sexy demeanor. Just like you and I, some of them are better looking than others. So go ahead and take a look at these top 10 sexy politicians and see if you agree with the list!

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