Lime Crime and the Unicorn trend, a colorful trend for a colorful brand.

Unicorns have been all over The beauty scene recently. coffee, highlighters and now the cosmetic company Lime Crime have caught on to this trend. The iconic indie brand has recently announced “Unicorn hair dye” which comes in 13 shades to match any colorful taste. The Cult brand has always catered to those who want to be noticed, the vegan cosmetics company adds bold colors to its packaging, making sure to leave a statement on its customers. the successful brainchild of founder Doe Deere, originally came out with the Velvetine liquid lipsticks and has expanded to hair products, eye shadows and has expanded its original liquid lipstick collection. The brand’s products are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and have an intensity that rivals such well-known brands as Mac for formula. The brand has gained a following on popular platforms such as Youtube and Beauty blogs which have boosted its reputation into a strong brand that is not going anywhere anytime soon.



The new dye comes in two formulas, full coverage, and tints. Full coverage has more opaque results which are ideal for those with bleached or light hair, and for those who have darker locks or just want a “barely there” dye. The tint will give you a wash of color.


The thought of bright, bold hair colors is intimidating to some. Will it stain? Will it wash out in my shower leaving nothing but a sad dull undertone? These questions are answered in the FAQ about the not yet released hair dyes. Unicorn hair dye is a semi-permanent hair dye, with an average lifespan of 10-12 shampoos. Longevity of hair dye and the boldness of the color can depend on shower temperature, the life cycle of hair follicles and general hair maintenance. But for those who are just beginning to experiment with bold colors or for those who love to make heads turn but can never stay loyal to one shade. Lime crime provides a fantastic outlet for those who are catching onto the Unicorn trend.

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