Black Insomnia Ready to Take Coffee Drinkers to the Edge

Caffeinated coffee is something that many people use to get going in the morning or as a pick-me-up at some point during the day. Standard options that can be made at home or something like Starbucks’ dark roast usually do the trick, but there’s now something that’s potent enough to offer three times as much caffeine.


This comes in the form of Black Insomnia Coffee, which originated in South Africa only last year and which is hyped by the company as the world’s strongest java. One test reportedly conducted showed that each kilogram of this coffee has 17.5 grams of caffeine, compared to the aforementioned dark roast that only reaches five or six grams.


The coffee’s origins are in Cape Town, which is considered one of the prime areas for coffee growing and production. The company creating it wanted to avoid the criticisms of offering a coffee with a burnt taste or one with a high acidic content, yet still offer the highest jolt possible.


Black Insomnia’s first attempt was actually much higher than the current version, with the caffeine content high enough to be considered too dangerous to drink. However, even the finished product has some people concerned about heightened blood pressure and other health drawbacks.


Not surprisingly, a single 12-ounce cup of Black Insomnia goes twice beyond the daily recommended amount of caffeine. Instead of offering understanding toward those who may be less inclined for such an invigorating boost, the company takes more of an aggressive approach by essentially dismissing those who can’t handle it.


While critics may charge that illegal substances must be a hidden component within, the company states that no additives have been introduced. Instead, those within the company believe that those drinking the product will be able to taste hints of caramel and nuts.


Black Insomnia management seems to revel in the fact that the jolt delivered nearly makes it a liquid narcotic. In addition, they believe their precise testing means that a violation of public safety would take place if any company ever attempted to top them.



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