David Giertz on the importance of speaking to your clients about social security

It has become very common to see people working well into their sunset years. While there are a few people that are passionate about their work and want to continue it well into old age, there are other circumstances when the people do the work because they did not work on their social security benefits when they were younger. David Giertz is an experienced investor who has seen too many of these situations and believes that they can be remedied through giving these people the right advice when they are young.

According to David Giertz, not many people understand that the amount of benefits they will be receiving is heavily dependent on among other things, the earnings that they used to make when they were in the workforce. At times, people minimize their earnings when doing tax returns in order to pay fewer taxes, but this works against them where the social security is concerned.

When the benefits are being calculated on soundcloud.com, another factor that is put into consideration is the inflation that has been taking place. For instance, if one was earning $30000 in 1999, it might be adjusted to $60000 in the present day in order to cater for the inflation that has been taking place over the years.

Not many of the people in blue collar jobs know that they are greatly favored by the system and they stand to earn more from it. All this is information that should be made accessible to the general public at https://davidgiertz.yolasite.com/.

About David Giertz
According to moneytips.com David Giertz is a financial advisor for nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He operates from Columbus, OH and has been holding this position for the past four years. he has worked in many other financial institutions and gotten the skills needed for his current position as the Senior Vice President of the association.

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