Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Eucatex Group is one of the most prominent furniture development companies in Brazil. The Flavio Family founded the company in 1951. During that time, there were limited rules associated with business and stability matters. Executive businesses were not related to managing the environment, while this is true, the company was determined to take good care of the environment for the sake of future generations whenever they cut one tree in the country, they always planted two trees on the farm. For this reason, the company accounts for the largest forest cover in the country. Because of their increased benefits in the country, business never cooperates through innovation alone. However, business always works to generate more money in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as the only producer of furniture using eucalyptus as the main product. When Flavio Maluf entered the company, it grew in profitability and production because of his innovative structures. Due to his achievements in the industry, business never became better through achievements in a manner that cannot be paralleled. If you do not engage in business, you may think that business is not acknowledged. Eucatex Group has struggled through all ages of achievements. Flavio Maluf was the person who helped the secure company markets in other countries like Canada and Australia.


Eucatex Group is serving the industrial companies with associated business deals. The company is also run in two different business segments. While they use eucalyptus trees as the main raw material in production, they always struggle to achieve better business through innovation and assessment facilities in the country.


Eucatex Group has started producing products and materials used in the construction industry. If you are always struggling with business, be sure that Eucatex Group has a solution for your construction needs. Eucatex Group produces laminate floors and paints. Since the company was incepted, this was the first time it started producing modular partitions to a great scale.


Eucatex Group also dominates the furniture industry. The company produces MDP, wood fiber plates, and Tamburato. The main raw material is eucalyptus.

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