Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino Lives On Through Internet DIY

For those people who missed out on the limited edition “Unicorn Frappuccino” by coffee mecha Starbucks, it seems that DIYers have picked up the slack on recreating the abominable liquid sugar rush. While Katy Perry was reported to have spat hers out and Anthony Bourdain described the equation of Starbucks, unicorns, pink and purple as a personally hateful combination, certain people of the internet are willing to teach curiosity seekers and sugar-fiends how to make their own captivating, incandescent coffee drink.

A variety of YouTube channels have uploaded a multitude of videos in order to inform anyone interested in recreating the drink known for having an infamous 59 grams of sugar, more than the USDA’s recommended daily intake of sugar. Even if a person knows the basics, it is no surprise that food coloring is required to make an authentic Unicorn Frappuccino. Corinne Leigh, host of the YouTube channel “ThreadBanger,” remarked on her channel that with the drink having sold out and expired from availability, interested parties will either need to make their own or just go without.

In response to the surge of interest in the drink, a multitude of permutations on the sugary drink have emerged; depending on one’s personal preferences, a person can find recipes for a vegan version, pleasant-tasting versions, step-by-step instructions administered in German or Spanish, inedible four-foot tall versions and even some people have even offered recipes that result in the drink rendering down to nothing more than a pool of neon pink slime.

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