Shearwater Coffee Roasters Moving Up to a Full Scale Cafe

Shearwater Coffee Roasters has been a prominent coffee company in Connecticut for decades. They are well known for eco friendly production methods that are safe for the environment. In addition, the manufacturers implement natural flavors and fragrances into their blends. As of next month, Shearwater Coffee Roasters will have their very own cafe in downtown, a move that uses vacant space that once belonged to Artin’s Shoes. They will sell their organic products in addition to imported coffees from around the world. Shearwater Coffee Roasters aims to be a middle priced shop that features exquisite coffee quality. By taking coffee beans from their shelves and brewing them to perfection, this should be easily attainable. For their grand opening, Shearwater Coffee Roasters will have two displays of coffee outside and three displays inside. Customers will be able to walk in and sample all of these magnificent roasts. All participants will receive free coffee supplies and a coupon for future purchases. Connecticut coffee has a strong reputation of excellence and consistency. With a full scale cafe, Shearwater Coffee Roasters will be able to showcase their expertise. While their baristas will still focus on light and medium roasts, the store wants to expand to darker roasts as they become more popular. In the morning, many clients want stronger drinks. The CEO has plans to accommodate these tastes and divert from their regular roasts. Overall, it will surely be one of the most renowned shops in Connecticut.


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