Will Coffee Make You Live Longer? Maybe

There is always a question about if coffee is good for you or not. People argue about it from both sides, usually with the coffee drinkers on the one side and others on the opposite side. However, the research shows that there is at least some reason to believe that coffee may be good for a longer life.


The Huffington Post reports that new studies are out which suggest that coffee drinking and in particular caffeine help to prevent inflammation. Inflammation of the blood vessels is something that can lead to cardiovascular disease in adults of any age, but in particular tends to impact people as they age. If the research is correct, perhaps a little coffee in one’s diet could help prevent that inflammation from ever happening in the first place or at least reduce it.


The research was done by comparing blood samples from people of different ages groups and different levels of caffeine consumption. Some consumed no caffeine at all while others were heavy users of the substance. This helped to give the researchers plenty of material to work with as they examined the way in which different people has different experiences with blood vessel inflammation.


All of this is great news for those who like to consume coffee and other similar beverages. However, before you go out and purchase that grande iced coffee from Starbucks, remember that there are some downsides to coffee as well. Those who add a lot of sugar to their coffee are increasing their risk of diabetes. Also, those who like those fancy coffee drinks from restaurants are risking weight gain because of all of the carbs and fat that are found in some of those (not to mention the sugar!).


Given all of this research and all of these facts, each person must decide for him or herself how much coffee they want to drink if any. There are definitely pros and cons to doing so. Choose wisely.


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