Decreased Liver Cancer Risk With Drinking Coffee

If you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or two in the morning, there’s no need to put it aside or worry that it’s harming the body. A recent study shows that drinking up to five cups of coffee each day can actually help decrease the risk of liver cancer by at least half. Those who drink one cup of coffee a day can also lower their risk by one-fifth. It’s important to drink decaffeinated coffee if you’re going to drink five cups a day so that you don’t experience the racing heart and nervous feeling during the day that a large amount of caffeine can cause.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy conducted the study. He works for the University of Southampton in the UK and has discovered a few healthy effects of drinking coffee. In 2016, the World Health Organization released information that coffee could decrease the risk of uterine cancer as well. Those who have liver disease, namely people who have infections as a result of hepatitis or drinking large amounts of alcohol, are at a greater risk of liver cancer. Drinking large amounts of coffee could set back the chance of developing cancer even among those who already have an existing condition.

The study was performed by monitoring people drinking coffee on a daily basis. Researchers took into account the number of cups that the person would drink each day and if it had caffeine or not. One cup of coffee reduced the chance of developing liver cancer by 20 percent. As the number of cups increased, the percentage increased as well. Decaffeinated coffee showed a lower percentage but some kind of impact just the same.

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