Concessions Help Improve Water Sanitation in Brazil

The National Bank for Economic and Social development (BNDES) has announced that it is making some new agreements with the government that will allow the water sanitation in Brazil to be improved. Edison Carlos who is the president of Trata Brasil has announced that the new agreements will help greatly improve the management, structure, and resources that the company uses to provide clean, sanitary water to their consumers. Sanitation services are about performed by public power about 90% of the time and about 70% of users are state-registered organizations. BNDES will prepare customized plans for each state is services to maximize the resources that are used to provide sanitary, clean water to its customers. Edison sights that this will help improve the resources that the company uses and will ensure that water wastage is cut down as much as possible while helping to improve the infrastructure of the country without compromising the precious natural resource of water.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has worked as a chief financial officer and has also has been involved with large companies in the capacities of planning and controlling finances as well as working in corporate and project finance divisions of large companies. Montoro Jens also holds a degree in business administration from Fundao Getio Vargas (FGV) as well as a masters degree in international business from Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Business (USA).


Montoro Jens sights the latest projects by BNDES as an initiative to help cut down on the waste of water that is used by industrial businesses as this is one of the main concerns of Brazilian infrastructure today. Improving the use of the water will help waste less resources and allow the customized plans as they are laid out above will also help allow each state to have a plan made for them that fits their needs best.

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