One of the Most Trusted Banks in the State of Texas

Recently, the Texas Banker’s Association organized the fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. The conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and many highly popular and respected financial consultants, banking professionals, financial advisors, leaders, and other noted dignitaries, attended the conference. Many recent topics that influence the financial and banking industry were discussed in the conference, and as part of the panel group, John Holt talked about the importance of innovation in any competition, especially in the banking and finance world. John Holt, CEO and President of Nexbank, spoke of the different perspectives on the role innovation plays in today’s competitive arena.

Nexbank is among the top few premier banks in the state of Texas that offer highly personalized services to the financial institutions, large corporations, multi-national companies, real estate investors, and more. It is the thirteenth largest bank in the state of Texas and has over $5.3 billion in assets under management. The bank primarily caters to the financial institutions and institutional investors as well as middle market companies. Nexbank aims to provide its clientele with the full range of services, which would help them, achieve their business objectives. The bank customizes the services it offers to the clients, which helps in lessening the financial burden on the customers.

Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas and has a total of four branch locations in the state of Texas. The bank ranks as the 234th largest in the country and 13th largest in the state of Texas. The bank has received A health rating by BBB for maintaining highest standards in its customer service and business operations. The bank has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted names in the finance and banking world. Nexbank offers a broad range of products and services to its clients and continues to add to its service portfolio to become a full-scale financial service provider to the institutional clients as well as middle market companies.

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