Susan McGalla Inspires Women to Achieve More

Susan McGalla, with her success in business, provides inspiration for all women who aspire to greater things. She has reached a high corporate level of management that very few women have achieved. Her accomplishments are noteworthy and give her a unique platform to propel women higher. Her leadership skills have been developed over time and experience.

McGalla is comfortable working with both men and women and feels at home in the boardroom. She credits her formative years as a daughter in her family as an important piece of her success. Despite her gender, she wasn’t given special treatment and developed a fine sense of competition. Instilled within her at a young age, was the need for hard work to get what she wanted. She now competes at a very high level in the executive business world. She has held several positions in top management and has been singled out for her success.

She worked her way up through the ranks at a little company called American Eagle Outfitters. She thrived in a male-dominated situation in which she was the only woman in high leadership. Her time there culminated with her serving as President of the company. She is now employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team. Her titled position is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She brings the skills and knowledge to work every day which enables her to help formulate a winning strategy. A good example of this is the Steelers campaign encouraging fans to “wear what we wear.”

While Susan McGalla is a fine example of a woman who has gone far in business, there is much work yet to be done. Networking and Women’s Leadership Initiatives are important and have their place, however, executive sponsorship programs may be more effective at giving talented, qualified women opportunities. Finding and cultivating a business relationship with an executive who’s a decision maker could be an important path forward. This sponsor may find fulfillment in giving back and helping able women find new opportunities. Then we could have a new cohort of Susan McGallas to talk about and appreciate their business savvy.


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