Coffee Is Not Just for Bookstores Anymore

The coffee shop business model is taking off in a major way, and it is not just for bookstore environments anymore. There are a lot of companies that are implementing coffee shops into the retail structure because it brings out more customers. This is easily the case for retailers like Apple that have made a decision to implement a cafe into some of the retail stores. This has become a reality for more than a bookstores like Books-A-Million where this has always been part of the framework of the store.

It makes perfect sense for retailers to engage in this because coffee has become such a huge part of American culture. It has become such a viable way to lure
shoppers into an environment that it has become a part of different environments that people may not necessarily expect coffee to be in.

There are even quite a bevy of churches that have free coffee for the members and visitors on Sundays. This is a great way to get people to interact and socialize with others as they fellowship on Sundays.

Coffee drinking has always been a big thing in the workplace as well. Many people have become so conditioned to coffee in the workplace that they find it hard to function without that morning Cup of Joe.

The interesting thing is that this is not seasonal product. It is something that can lure customers into a store regardless of the time of year. It is true that more people are going to embrace the concept of hot coffee on a cold day, but there are tons of people that are still going to look forward to coffee even during those times where it is a bright and sunny day outside. Retailers are definitely benefiting from this coffee crazed culture.

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