Is Coffee Actually Healthy?

There is a whole lot of discussion and debate about the nature of coffee, whether its positives outweigh its negatives and why anyone would drink a bunch of steamed bean water to begin with? The latter question is easy enough to answer – no, coffee is not a inherently pleasant tasting drink, especially for women who are more sensitive to bitterness than men (which is why less women drink beer than men), but if one eases into any kind of drink gradually one gets readily used to it and then expects almost nothing else; what we call, an acquired taste.

As far as the medically verifiable health benefits related to coffee, those are also easy to answer and incredibly well documented. From reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, suicide due to depression or reducing the risk of heart disease, coffee has numerous unique health positive benefits. There is also the obvious boost to energy that it presents and the pleasing aroma (which most people like even if they do not particularly care for the taste of the beverage. Coffee also increases fiber intake and reduces the effects of muscle pain, such as that which might be sustained through a strenuous work-out regime.

Now, naturally, too much coffee is bad, it can be bad for your teeth (which it can stain) and bad for your heart (mix coffee with energy drinks and you can quite literally kill yourself!) but this could be said of literally anything; as the old saying goes, “Everything in moderation.”

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