‘Coffee Naps’ Are Essential For You, and Here’ Why

Very rarely would you hear the word coffee and nap go hand in hand, but a strategy that helps bring these two extremes together does make sense. It just might be the boost in the energy you needed to help you go through the day. If you haven’t heard of a coffee nap till now, then don’t worry, it is precisely what it sounds like.

You drink a cup of coffee and take a short nap right after that. Now, many of you may be thinking how is it even possible to sleep after having a cup of coffee, but do you know that the caffeine in your cup of coffee only gets activated after around thirty minutes of intake. So, yes, it is very much possible to sleep right away after taking a cup of coffee.

Ideally, coffee naps are just about for half an hour, so by the time the punch from your coffee starts to kick in, you would be ready and rejuvenated. It is just the kind of power boost that the busy professionals need these days in their daily routine. It can help in ways more than one to reduce stress and improve performance at work. Even though there are no official medical studies that report this conclusively, there has been a few research conducted on the effectiveness of coffee nap.

In most of the research on coffee naps, it has been seen that the people who combined java and a power nap performed better than the ones who just slept or had a coffee, but not together. In conclusion, it can be said that if you love to take naps and can’t do without your coffee, then coffee rest is worth a try. Just make sure that you integrate coffee naps in your work hours, and not around morning hours or the bedtime.

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