There’s Something Good About Your Morning Coffee!

There have always been talks and debates about the numerous health benefits that coffee has on people. And sure, we all want to justify the extra caffeine that we need to start out the day, but scientists are on our side for once, showing us that our love for coffee is a good thing. Many people say that they can’t live without their morning cup of coffee, and for those people, they won’t just be able to live but will be able to live a lot longer, if scientists are right. Coffee is a natural vasodilator, which helps improve the blood circulation throughout your body, but recent research points towards the fact that coffee might also increase life expectancy. Coffee is also incredibly rich in antioxidants and has a ton of good things which is why it has been getting so much praise lately. Coffee is also known to have certain properties which can help keep cancerous cells at bay and reduce the chance of being diagnosed with a chronic condition.

This, however, isn’t a justification to drink seven cups of coffee per day, or even the extra caramel, extra whipped cream one’s either. When scientists say that it is healthy to drink coffee, they are referring to those who drink just one or two cups of black or semi-milk coffee, with just a bit of sugar to keep out the bitter taste. A study was conducted by the University of Southern California, where by a large sample size of coffee drinkers and not coffee drinkers were taken to analyze the effect it had on their bodies and life expectancy. The results were something that every coffee lover has hoped for, which shows us that there is always a white light at the end of a tunnel, or in this case, a good cup of coffee.

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