Columbia Coffe Yield to be Lower

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world. While it is consumed by people all over the world on a daily basis, a large percentage of the world’s coffee comes from a small region of the world. One country that has continued to be a leader when it comes to the production of coffee is Columbia. While Columbia is normally one of the top producers of coffee in the world, recent weather patterns in the country could put this year’s crop at risk (

In 2016, Columbia had a record year when it produced about 14.2 million bags of green coffee beans. While 2016 was a banner year, many expected that 2017 would be even better. However, it now appears that the 2017 haul will fall short of the 14.5 million bag prediction. At the current rate, the total production will be closer to 14.0 million bags. While this is a good haul compared to historical averages, it will still be a disappointment.

The main reason for the decline in coffee production is considered to be an increased amount of cloud coverage. In most years, Columbia receives a lot of sun. However, this year they have had more rain and cloudy days. While this does not prevent coffee from growing, it does slow the amount that can be produced and sold. While it does not sound like a huge amount of lost coffee, it could have a bad impact on the lives of people that work in the industry in Columbia. Currently more than 500,000 people in the country are directly affected by the coffee industry. Due to lower yields, there will likely be reduced paychecks and higher levels of unemployment. At the same time, exterior competition increases will prevent farmers in Columbia from increasing prices.

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