Susan McGalla Takes a New Direction for Brand Awareness

As the Creative Director of Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers it is obvious that Susan McGalla is a leader in the business industry. She has made her way to the top in the business world, and people are going to see the value of having someone like this in place if they are trying to create any type of brand awareness. Susan McGalla is taking a chance at getting more people to recognize the Pittsburg Steelers brand by changing the clothing line. People can really get a good look at the gear because she is giving people access to a whole new method of accessing Pittsburgh Steelers gear. There is an e-commerce site that has been launched, and that gives people access to a plethora of options.

Susan McGalla has been able to build better brand awareness by giving people access to some changes in the clothing line. She is certainly a leader in brand awareness, and much of this has to do with the fact that she has so much experience. She has been in consulting, and she has been a CEO in the retail industry. That is something that she has been passionate about for a long time, and the work that she has done is well respected.

There are new polo shirts and t-shirts. There are also a lot of hats that people can get when they check out the website. Susan is certainly changing the perspective of fans that are interested in fan gear. So many people are going to appreciate the way that McGalla has changed the clothing for everyone looking at woman in the corporate world. So many people that are interested in business will appreciate the way that Susan McGalla has changed the culture. She has inspired a whole lot of women that want to get into business. She has proven that there is a way to break beyond the glass ceiling. More people are able to build a career in marketing because they have seen McGalla doing this. Her CEO status has given her the ability to inspire other women in business.

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