According to Michel Terpin

According to Michel Terpin, there are two things that make a leader great. First, a great leader is able to lead from the front. Leaders should be able to lead by example. They should be able to commit themselves to a project in the same way or in a bigger way than any of their subjects.

Second, a great leader should be able to separate his personal life from his work. A leader who is able to work while going through a difficult time with the family is a great asset to the company or society for which he works. On the issue of ratios, losing is okay with him.

Terpin’s greatest strength is his ability to work long hours when the workload is intense. He can work long and odd hours to meet deadlines. He is also able to handle diverse roads with the help of research. While he knows that passion in a given topic area gives any driver unique abilities, he also believes that proper research is a better friend. Terpin’s ability to research anything gives him an advantage. Politically, he is liberal.

Great leaders are those who work along side the people they lead, look out for them and listen without being condescending. They have integrity and values, which they live to uphold, regardless of the circumstances they face. They have effective communication skills, regularly communicating with their team so as not to create a void. They reprimand, when necessary, from a genuine place of love and to help each person improve. A great leader is open to corrections and new learning, understanding that, as humans, we are fallible.

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