Rocketship Education Is Working To Ensure That Public Schools Are At Par With The Private Ones

From the time Rocketship Education began championing the idea of personalized learning in the American education system, the non-profit organization has made several discoveries that will help realize the idea of a student-centric school system. The institution has come up with a 10 point report on what schools in the field of personalized learning need to do to serve their students and the community better.

First, the school has come up with an innovative approach to the subject of personalized learning. Rocketship Education has discovered that for teachers to be able to deliver the best education to students, they have to extend the learning process beyond the classroom. The school has integrated a new model in the curriculum through which teachers get to visit each student’s home for them to have a better understanding of a student’s family background. This approach also helps to nurture a healthy relationship between a student, their family, and the institution.

Rocketship Education is focused entirely on primary education. The school has focused a lot of its time and resources in creating demand for public schools. According to Rocketship Education, the public schools will develop if there is demand. Creating a parallel system to the public school’s system will not cure the shortcomings of the public schools model. For public education to improve, public schools need to be at par with the private schools to attract demand and subsequently attract funding from organizations and government.

Rocketship Education is a charity that is focused on improving the education in the public elementary schools. The team runs some public basic-learning schools in the United States. Rocketship Education provides an alternative to students from low-income families and those who come from neighborhoods with limited access to excellent schools.

Rocketship Education is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The founding fathers of the group of schools are Preston Smith and John Danner. The pioneers of the institution had the idea of blending adaptive software with traditional learning to ensure that students improve their performance. Rocketship Education has grown over the years to become the success it is today. Currently, the organization manages over sixteen chartered schools across different states in the US.

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