Susan McGalla: An Example of Visionary Corporate Leadership

Susan McGalla, a business executive in Pennsylvania, is known for her visionary corporate leadership as she helped a number of firms to display excellent growth during her period. She is also known for promoting women’s leadership and showed that women have greater roles in the executive leadership level. The young executive, at her forties, has already served as the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle Outfitters. She is also actively involved in community development projects by serving on their advisory boards. Interestingly, McGalla started her career with Joseph Horne Company, a departmental store, in 1986, and she worked in various roles from marketing roles to managerial positions.

McGalla left the firm 1994 and joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for the clothing section of women. In the next few years, she worked in different departments of the firm and finally became its Chief Merchandising Officer. McGalla helped the company to improve its profit and industry-leading revenue. It should be noted that during her period, the firm’s revenue has increased many folds from $340 million to more than billion. Interestingly, McGalla initially took the responsibility of one brand, including its development and portfolio expansion, and later, she started taking care of four brands of the firm. Her hard work helped the company to generate a profit of $400 million, and the firm expanded to more than 1,000 stores, with at least 28,000 employees by 2008. McGalla left the company in 2009.

After leaving American Eagle, she worked as a Retail Industry Consultant for two years. In 2013, McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, an advisory firm working for providing financial inputs to the investors on Wall Street with both sell-side and buy-side analysis. Considering her deep expertise in the retail industry, McGalla offered specialized services to the retail industry. The advisory services included marketing, branding, omnichannel execution, and product merchandising, operational efficiencies, and talent management.

From February 2015, McGalla started working with Pittsburgh Steelers as VP with responsibilities including Creative Development and Business Strategy. Pittsburgh Steelers is an NFL league team based in Pittsburgh. McGalla is an active proponent of women’s leadership and encourages young women to garner greater success in their career. She says that her family helped her to present herself better and showcase her talents. McGalla also mentors many aspiring women to succeed their goals in the career. She completed her graduation in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College, before starting her career.

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