Women Sportswear has a way of leaving the shopper with two options style or affordability when deciding the right one to buy. The difference between fashionable and functional athletics wear has always been great, most designers have failed to combine this two aspects in one because a combination of the two would be too expensive to produce. However, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw an opportunity that had not been explored and joined together to co-found Fabletics with the aim of designing training wear that was both stylish and practical and most importantly at reasonable prices.


Ressler and his partner’s plan was to find out what the buyers wanted rather than follow the current trends. They conducted a series of test using focus groups which they used to investigate issues women faced while shopping for their athletics wear and they realized that most problems were the same everywhere with complaints ranging from the outfits being too brash, the fit not too good or generally too costly for most to afford, there were also complaints that the fabric used on the easily affordable fabrics were of low quality and not comfy to wear, a combination of aesthetics and functionality was hard to achieve without money.


Fortunately, Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson as a partner and the face of the company. Her relationship with the public was very positive and this had a great impact on the company and her great social skills improved the company’s online presence as well as in personal interaction with customers.


Fabletics journey to success was not all smooth with issues like funding during the initial phases of the start of the organization. However, through Don Ressler brilliance and previous experience in the fashion world and with the help of his talented team they were able to create a better version of sportswear that catered for both good quality and comfortability but yet simple.


With a solid online presence, Don and Adam’s great background as well as Kate Hudson’s great personality and social skills. Fabletics was able to sell their products in large numbers through online markets, and adding a discount in the pricing systems was a great idea that helped to move the company sales forward.

However, Don Ressler’s aim was not only to make a profit but to provide women with stylish, comfortable and affordable sportswear. By doing this, has been able to capture this market.

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