Susan McGalla Empowering Women to Become Leaders in their Respective Fields

The corporate circle of the United States is amongst the most advanced, progressive, and diverse in the world. There are employees from around the world working in the United States’ corporate circle. One of the women executives who has worked in the business sector of the United States for years, and has achieved tremendous success is Susan McGalla. She has served as the President of American Eagler Outfitters Inc and Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc, which are two of the most famous companies in their respective segment.

It is no secret that it is difficult for women to reach the high positions in the corporate world. But, Susan McGalla is one of those who has broken this myth and is an inspiration for all the women out there. Having been raised with two brothers, her father was a football coach and got no breaks for being a girl. She learned how she had to work hard to achieve anything from her dad and it has helped her reach the position that she is today.

Even though Susan’s success story is encouraging, not many women are provided with such opportunities. Many issues should be addressed, and for this, some groups are working towards supporting women looking to find their way in the corporate world. But, these groups have failed to bridge the gap between the number of male executives and the female executives in the business world. It means that there are still some underlying issues that need to be met.

One solution that is going to work perfectly is the Executive Sponsorship that will help women get new opportunities. By working with a sponsor, women can become part of project and assignments within the company. The sponsor will become an advocate for her work and help women move up the ranks. According to Susan, Executive sponsors will offer an incentive to companies to encourage more women to come forward and lead the way in the corporate world.

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