Omar Yunes Bags Franchise of the Year Award

Omar Yunes has just bagged the award for best franchise in the world. The event was held in Italy and several countries attended to witness the event proceedings. Omar Yunes was recognized for his tremendous input in the business. His remarkable contribution has been a trend setter in the business world. Omar’s story of success began at age 21. He started his business when he owned three sushi spots. The now Japanese leading branch of restaurants is also his project. Presently, he has 13 branches of the prominent restaurant. The franchises are located in three cities, Mexico, Veracruz in addition to Puebla and contact him.



When speaking at the event, Omar Yunes stated that he was excited to be honored. He was also humbled by the recognition. Being visionary, he had always looked up to the day when he would be appreciated for his input in the business. Hi efforts in team work were impeccable. Categorically, he was awarded because he has a hard working team. Without their innovations and sacrifices to give the best to clients, there would not have been an award. Omar’s partner, the CEO of the franchise, stated that the brand is committed to better the tastes and flavors of food and more information click here.


Profile Of Award Evaluation

For Omar Yunes to receive the award, he had to compete with many people. In a stiff competition, he emerged the winner because the number of representatives was 34. From France, Italy, Hungary and Portugal, it is evident that it took more than just his effort to win the award. Team work must have initiated the win. In terms of input, Omar has knowledge and talent in presentation,. His network of service delivery is also to explain the basis under which he won. Motivation also played a key role in encouraging the employees to give best services. The award was based on client feedback and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.



It is undisputed that Omar Yunes is an excellent leader. His input to the business contributed to his win. Being a hospitality industry job, Omar must have pleased consumers in many ways for him to win the award. It is through the received client services that Omar managed to bag the award and what Omar Yunes knows.

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