How Rodrigo Terpin’s Career in Driving is Shaped through Rally dos Sertoes

Sertoes was established in 1992, and since then, it has staged one of the biggest motorsport competitions in Brazilian soil. One of the aspects that the competition boasts of is its contribution to the careers of many rally drivers apart from expanding the automotive industry. Regarding the number and quality of rally drivers it has brought to the limelight, Sertoes and Brazil adversely mention Rodrigo Terpin as one of the biggest rally drivers that it has discovered and has continued to spin and sparkle in the rallying scene.


Sertoes is one rally competition that is annual and goes on for ten days. The preliminary stages of the rally event take account of only four stages across the entire Brazilian Cross Country Championship. The competition is usually one of the hardest races in the globe comprising rugged landscapes with winding and rough terrains. The roads are gravel made full of dust during sunny days and are equally muddy during rainy seasons. These challenging conditions have modeled, mentored and hardened Rodrigo Terpins to come out as a decorated rally driver from the little known amateur navigator.

A Variety of Competitions

The competition has various categories from cars, motorcycles, quadricycles, trucks, and UTVs, making it attract one of the most participants with representation from all the categories. As Rodrigo Terpin currently competes in the T1 category, he is acknowledged to have started from a mere motorcyclist and switched into the T1 class on realizing that the category was less crowded compared to the motorcycle category that was crowded and enjoyed one of the star-studded sides. In this regard, Sertoes presented to him a host of opportunities that he exploited on his way to greatness. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In these factors, it called for consistencies from the rally driver to reach these heights. Since Rodrigo made debut in the competition, he won in 3 legs and earned several top 5 and ten finishes. These achievements made him one of the most renowned and celebrated drivers winning an array of awards and prices since the competition started. Additionally, winning these games also encouraged him to participate in each of the annual events hence earning him the experience and expertise in this sport. You can visit his Vimeo page for more.

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