Cloud Based Systems Revolutionize Manufacturing Needs

In today’s market manufacturing organizations are turning to cloud based identity and access management to securely govern the organization of digital information on an ever increasing basis. When it comes to having streamline access to information across a supply chain, keeping that information secure, simplifying overly complex infrastructure, and keeping costs at a minimum the best choice for cloud-based identity and access management is OneLogin.

The difficulties in streamlining and protecting cloud-based data can be broken down into four basic areas as mentioned above. Keeping information streamline across the entire supply chain is important in terms of lost revenue. Every time an organization has to interact with third-party vendors extra time and energy are spent to synchronize information. That time and energy generate lost revenue as a result. Keeping cloud-based information secure is an ever increasing challenge given the number of hackers looking to exploit weaknesses which they can use to their advantage. Staying one step ahead of these potential threats is of paramount importance. In any complex organization there are multiple access points utilized by employees and vendors. Simplifying the management of this access will both better protect and reduce redundancy and waste. Finally being able to reduce cost is always a main goal of any organization and those savings are found in both combating the challenges above and in not being overcharged for the service.

OneLogin was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing companies with solutions to their production and security issues stemming from moving to cloud based technology. Through a series of company developed products they can assist with streamlining and securing any and every portion of an organization’s information systems. Such products include Single Sign-On allowing users the ease of only needing one set of credentials to access web apps, Multi-factor Authentication providing layers of security to prevent breech and theft of information, Unified Directory which allows managers to control user access and also their privileges throughout the network, and Mobile Identity to keep Smartphone and iPad access secure from intruders. These along with a number of other products are available to fully integrate an organization’s data based needs at a number of very cost effective price points depending upon individual need.

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