Lime Crime’s Purple Hair Movement

Lime Crime is the cosmetic brand of choice these days. It hasn’t even been around for at least a decade, but it’s bringing new excitement into a once dull field of work. Yes, brands like Maybelline, Covergirl, Almay and Vidal Sassoon are still around, but they haven’t made any real advancements as of late. On the other hand, Lime Crime is causing a commotion of epic proportions thanks to its diverse product range. Fads come and go, but trends tend to last much longer. LimeCrime just so happen to be on a purple haired pilgrimage across the industry.

The Unicorn Hair Collection from this brand is very diverse. The hair dye products speak for themselves since they’re full of benefits. These advanced dyes lack the chemical makeup of additives, and these additives can be damaging to your scalp and hair. As you know, Lime Crime takes a more organic approach for doing business. These specific hair dyes give you a brilliant color as well as silky smooth hair. That’s right! Despite being a dye, users will still receive the abundance of healthy hair benefits. No other brand at the moment can say this or duplicate this. This is an actual phenomenon that is being witnessed in real-time. Doe Deere, the Russian-born beauty and the founder of the company, has stepped her game up for sure, which has allowed for such company growth.

The advanced hair dyes outperform the competitors on many different levels. No matter if it’s being judged on color, ease of use or for overall appearance, Lime Crime’s new hair dyes outshines any and all. This is basically 21st century cosmetology at its finest. Now is the time to add a bit of spice into your life and Lime Crime is the best weapon of choice for doing so.

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